How would you like to receive Tacticon Armament products at 70-80% off?

Tacticon Armament blow out blem sale

Well, that’s now possible. Spring is upon us and we took it upon ourselves to do a deep clean/inventory of our Wearhouse. In the process we went through our quality control room where we keep products that have cosmetic and packaging blemishes that were deemed unfit to be sold as a new.

We performed extensive quality control on these products to ensure that beyond the cosmetic deficiencies, they were in perfect working condition. Rather than be wasteful and throw these products away we wanted to offer them to our customers at STEEP discounts to keep in line with our mission statement: Outfitting both men and women with comfortable, effective and combat ready tactical gear regardless of budget.

With the added benefit of recouping some of the costs we spent on these products, you have the opportunity to purchase many of our fine products at a fraction of retail price.

There is a catch, these products do not come with our lifetime warranty, all sales are final, and these products cannot be combined with any additional discounts. 

You can rest assured that these products were QC’ed twice, once off the initial line, and again when making sure they were fit to be sold as a blemished item.

Remember, these blemishes affect the cosmetic looks, but not the function of these products.

This sale includes many of our popular products such as optics, plate carriers, pouches, lights/lasers and much more.

Check out our blemished products for sale at deep discounts on our website.