A rifle’s performance can be significantly improved by incorporating accessories to enhance performance. There is a very long list of beneficial attachments, but foregrips are one of the most common, providing the user with a more ergonomic grip, and greater control of the weapon.

Attachments are designed to enhance stability, control, and visibility, providing users with a more reliable and efficient shooting experience. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using a vertical foregrip on a rifle, the advantages of integrated flashlights and lasers, and introduce the Tacticon Firefly V3.

Foregrip with Light

Vertical foregrips have a way of adding a whole new dynamic to a rifle. They make the weapon more ergonomically comfortable, provide added stability, and help control recoil.

Similary, weapon lights are essential on any home defense or duty weapon, improving function in low light. Most importantly, weapon lights allow the user to positively ID the their target, nobody wants to shoot their dog, of worse, a family member.

Laser sights enable a shooter to aim quickly and accurately without having to use their sights, especially in low light but also during the day.

All these accessories take up the limited rail space on your rifle, adding bulk and weight. But what if you can have all three in a small, lightweight, ergonomically, and economically friendly package?

foregrip with light and laser
Foregrip with light: Firefly V3

Benefits of a Vertical Foregrip on a Rifle

We know vertical foregrips are great. Adding one to your rifle means you will have a more comfortable hand position and won’t have to bend your wrist for a secure grip. You also receive the added benefit of recoil management, allowing for faster follow up shots and a more stable weapon.

Weapons Lights and Lasers

These are truly great developments, flashlights used to be large and heavy but with modern technology can be very small and integrated easily onto a weapon. Despite this, most conventional weapon lights still take up a lot of rail space and utilize a pressure pad to activate.

Laser sights used to be very expensive when they were first introduced to the firearms community. It used to be that you needed to purchase them integrated into grips, or have special mounts for lasers. Now they are affordable, and mount directly to the picatinny on a rifle. Lasers are great for CQB because they allow the user to move quickly and fire quickly without being hunched over the gun using sights or optics.

Foregrips with Lights and Lasers are The Complete Package

All of these attachments have intrinsic value to a shooter individually, but at Tacticon Armament we designed a product to include all three must have accessories in one convenient, affordable package.

Shooters are now able to utilize a robust vertical foregrip, that houses a flashlight and laser sight. One of the largest benefits of this package is that shooters will save rail space. The foregrip does not need much space on the bottom of the handguard to mount, and no additional space is needed for the light or the laser. This keeps your rifle sleek and light weight. It also means you won’t bump your laser out of alignment or fumble over your weapon light searching for space to grip the weapon.

foregrip light, laser combo
Firefly V3 on rifle

By having an all inclusive package shooters can choose to use the light and laser when they want, without having to dedicate rail space for these separately.

The Firefly V3 is made from lightweight aluminum, saving weight and reducing cost, and features a non-slip grip texture. The flashlights utilize a Q5 LED bulb to produce 220 lumens, which is adequate for outdoor use at night, and ideal for indoor use as higher lumen flashlights often blind users indoors at night. There are two settings for the light on the Firefly V3, a constant ‘On’ setting and a strobe.

You can choose between a red or green laser on the V3 and adjust the windage and elevation to ensure accuracy. The flash light and laser can be used independently or simultaneously.

This system is designed to mount on your standard Picatinny rail, and is easily mounted or removed.

Final Thoughts

A vertical foregrip with light/laser combo like our Firefly V3 from Tacticon Armament makes a truly versatile attachment to your rifle. Adding a vertical foregrip to your rifle can provide significant benefits, from improved control and stability to faster follow-up shots. But with the addition of a weapon light and laser sight, it becomes a complete package that can enhance your shooting experience even further. Tacticon products all three accessories into one, saving rail space and keeping your rifle light and streamlined. By using a foregrip with lights and lasers, you can move and fire quickly without sacrificing accuracy or control. It’s an investment that can pay dividends in any shooting scenario, from home defense to tactical operations.

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