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How To Install 45 Degree Iron Sights in 3 Steps?

How to install 45 degree iron sights

You have a Magnifier and a red dot sight on your rifle, and you heard some awesome things about 45-degree iron sights. Yep, it is great to have them on your rifle as a backup sight! Today, we will talk about the advantage of having them and how to install 45-degree iron sights. Why do[…]

Shooting 101: How To Adjust Iron Sights

How to adjust iron sights

Compared to red dot sights, iron sights are designed as a physical alignment system utilizing the naked eye. It is a device that operates well under ambient lighting, and it is also a device that won’t fail you for battery/electrical issues, because it doesn’t need batteries! We currently use iron sights as our backup sights[…]

How to choose? Red Dot vs. Iron Sights

5 aspects of differences between red dot and iron sight

When you buy a rifle, the next question you might have is how to choose between the two sights – red dot vs. iron sights. Honestly, the best way is to have both, but if you have budget concerns, or you prefer to only have 1 sight on your rifle, then these 5 differences you[…]