If you’re a gun enthusiast or a professional who needs to carry a firearm, you know that having the right holster can make all the difference. When it comes to quick and easy access to your sidearm, drop leg holsters are a popular choice.

Worn on the outer thigh, they provide a comfortable fit and better weight distribution compared to traditional belt holsters. Universal drop leg holsters are even more versatile, accommodating a variety of firearms and accessories. In this article, we’ll delve into the advantages of universal drop leg holsters and why they should be considered a necessary accessory for any gun owner.

What is a Drop Leg Holster?

A drop leg holster is a holster that is worn on the outer thigh providing better weight distribution and a more comfortable fit for the user than a belt holster. Drop leg holsters are a dynamic system for those who want quick and easy access to their sidearms.

Drop leg pistol holsters allow the user to have a more natural draw than traditional hip holsters due to the firearm being lower. 

Universal drop leg holsters provide a more versatile solution for shooters who do not want to pay for a specialized pistol holster, or have weapon lights or optics on their firearm that traditional holsters are not made to accommodate. Further, universal holsters can be used with different guns, meaning you can use the same holster with different firearms if you have different models you want to switch out. 

Let’s explore the advantages of using universal drop leg holsters, how they can accommodate various firearm accessories, and why they are an essential accessory for any shooter. 

Why choose a Drop Leg Holster?

Drop leg holsters have gained popularity with the military, law enforcement, and competitive shooting circles. 

First, they provide a more natural draw for shooters as they allow the firearm to sit roughly level with the shooter’s hand when their arms are at their sides. 

Second, they position the sidearm on the thigh to help distribute the weight more evenly across the lower body, reducing discomfort during prolonged wear.

It is easy to sit down while wearing a drop leg holster, traditional hip holsters are often seen being removed by the wearer if they will be seated for a while because they are uncomfortable. 

Additionally, drop leg holsters are perfect when used with body armor that can obstruct access to a hip holster, and limit gear placement on the armor itself.

All of this comes together to offer a smoother draw and quicker transition from primary to secondary weapon. 

Universal Holster Compatibility

When it comes to carry pistols many shooters add weapon lights, optics, or lasers. Weapon lights are essentially mandatory when it comes to a duty gun, and there is no arguing the accuracy improvements of a pistol with a red dot. 

That said, most holsters are not designed to accommodate any of these common attachments, and holsters that do are generally model specific and expensive. 

This means you will probably have difficulty finding an existing holster or will have to have a custom holster built. Either way, you are looking at a large price tag. 

A universal holster changes the game by allowing the user to fit the holster to their specific firearm and any accessories on the firearm. 

Additionally, users can switch out which firearm they would like to carry that day with ease, using the same holster. 

Tacticon Universal Drop Leg Holster 

The Tacticon Armament Universal Drop Leg Holster is a great product for those seeking a universal holster.

This holster is compatible with pretty much any handgun and with all common attachments. The best part is our Universal Drop Leg Holster is affordable.

It features an adjustable thumb break and retention strap creating a secure fit and is constructed with durable materials to give it a long service life. The holster also provides two-leg straps that can be fully adjusted along with a belt attachment point to ensure a snug and personalized fit that can securely hold your firearm.

The universal drop holster straps can be removed based on the user’s preference, generally, I only use one while wearing the holster and still find the weapon is very secure. That said, I also don’t wear this as a drop holster, as there is a built-in belt attachment that allows me to attach the holster by sliding my belt through. I find this allows me to carry the holster at either the traditional height of a hip holster, or slightly lower, either way, it is very comfortable to wear, and the leg strap secures the holster very well. 

Additionally, the front of the holster also has a secure magazine pouch to hold an additional magazine. 

Personally, I tried this out at the range for the first time a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. My weapon was secure while running dynamic drills, my draw was fast despite not using the holster before. I had no issues fitting a Glock 19 with an RMR and weapon light securely in the holster.

universal holster

The Universal Drop Leg Holster comes with two leg straps, I removed one per my personal preference. I now understand how dynamic and customizable this setup can be, and it is now a feature on my belt and I have worn it on successive range trips. 

This holster will comfortably accept a pistol with optics and a light.

The Tacticon Universal Drop Leg Holster is an excellent choice when it comes to practicality and customization. A big problem I have had with holsters is finding holsters that will accommodate weapons lights, thanks to Tacticon’s universal holster I now have a solution.

The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Tacticon Armament.

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