In the world of firearms, left-handed users often face challenges when it comes to finding the right gear. Among these challenges is finding a quality left-handed concealed carry holster. A good holster must be comfortable, functional, and accessible, ensuring that left-handed shooters can effectively and safely carry their firearms. In this article, we will explore two popular left-handed concealed carry holsters, the Tacticon Universal IWB Holster, and The Tacticon IWB Deep Concealment Holster.

conceal carry holster
Deep Concealment Holster in top photo, Universal Holster on bottom

Tacticon Concealed Universal IWB Holster

The Tacticon Universal IWB (Inside Waistband) Holster is an affordable, comfortable, and effective concealed carry solution for left-handed users. It is made from padded, breathable neoprene, and features double-stitching for durability. The universal holster is designed to accommodate a wide range of firearm makes and models, from micro-carry guns to full-sized 1911s.

This versatile holster can be easily adapted to fit large-frame firearms by cutting a few stitches out of its double-stitched design. It also comes with an accompanying magazine holster to ensure you have quick and easy access to extra ammunition.

The elastic retention strap with a button snap closure provides a secure concealed carrying experience, while the spring steel clip holds tight to any size belt for stability and accessibility.

This is a terrific option for shooters looking for a universal left-handed concealed carry holster.

Tacticon IWB Deep Concealment Holster

Deep concealment Holster
Left Handed Deep Concealment Holster

The Tacticon IWB Deep Concealment Holster offers a no-nonsense approach to concealed carry, stripping away unnecessary features while retaining the core values of a good IWB (Inside Waistband) holster.

Its minimalist design ensures the holster effectively and safely retains the firearm, provides comfort for the user, and allows for minimal printing.

This holster is available for 24 of the most commonly concealed handguns on the market. These holsters come in a black or carbon fiber finish.

By removing excess material, Tacticon has counterintuitively added value to the concealed carry holster. The minimalist approach of the design not only simplifies the holster but also focuses on the primary purpose of any CCW holster, to keep the gun concealed.

With less material, the holster is lighter and less bulky, making it more comfortable.

The streamlined design reduces printing, allowing users to carry their firearms discreetly.

By focusing on essential features, the holster ensures that the firearm is easily accessible when needed, without hindrances from unnecessary elements. A minimalist design has fewer parts that can wear out or fail, increasing the holster’s overall lifespan and reliability.

When it comes to left-handed concealed carry holsters, comfort, functionality, and accessibility are essential factors to consider. Both the Tacticon Concealed Carrier Brand Universal IWB Holster and IWB Deep Concealment Holster offer excellent options for left-handed shooters seeking a reliable and comfortable way to carry their firearms. By considering the specific needs and preferences of left-handed users, these holsters provide a secure and efficient concealed carry experience for shooters of all skill levels.