Body armor for personal protection has not only been a staple for law enforcement and the military, but civilians as well. However, choosing the right combination of body armor components can be a challenging task.

This is where complete body armor packages come into play, offering a convenient and usually cost-effective solution. Let’s discuss the benefits of plate carrier packages and who will benefit from purchasing complete body armor instead of individual components.

Advantages of Buying Body Armor Packages

One of the primary benefits of purchasing a body armor package is cost savings.

Buying a complete package, rather than individual components often comes at a lower overall price. Many manufacturers and retailers price packages lower than their individual components and may offer additional discounts for bundled products.

By purchasing a body armor plate carrier combo or plate carrier package, you can be confident that all components are designed to work together seamlessly. This ensures compatibility and eliminates the need for guesswork or research when selecting individual components.

Choosing a body armor package simplifies the decision-making process. All the necessary components are included in a single purchase. This can save time and effort, additionally, it means your product will arrive at the same time as a whole rather than piece by piece in the mail.

Body armor packages feature components with uniformity, consistent design, color, and materials, providing a professional and uniform appearance. This can be particularly important for law enforcement, and security.

Some body armor packages such as our body armor build out package offer options for customization, allowing you to choose specific components, sizes, and colors to best suit your needs. This provides the convenience of a package deal while still offering a degree of personalization.

Body armor plate carrier combo/package
Tacticon Battle Vest Build-Out

When purchasing a package, you know all products will work together, but their will likely be room for upgrades in the future. This is useful for making sure your investment will serve your current and future needs.

Body armor packages are a good place to start if you’re new to owning body armor.

Of course, you should always educate yourself especially on products of a lifesaving nature. That said, you don’t need to do days of research and go down the Youtube rabbit hole to become an expert. 

You should understand the body armor levels to make sure you get armor that will stop the threats you may encounter. This will help you pick the right package. 

Beyond this, buying a body armor package from a reliable manufacturer such as Tacticon will take the guesswork out of everything else.

If you want to own body armor ‘just in case’ but don’t plan on wearing it often you can be confident that a body armor plate carrier package will function cohesively if you ever need to pull it out of the closet – or just looking for some great discounts on quality armor. 

Parting thoughts

Investing in a complete body armor package offers numerous advantages, including cost savings, compatibility, convenience, uniformity, customization, upgradability, and guidance if you’re new.

My first plate carrier was purchased as a combo, it came with 2 plates and a carrier with mag pouches in the cummerbund. I liked this a lot because I was able to carry magazines on my sides and keep the front of the carrier relatively clear. 

This is my personal preference of course. There are many options available and I recommend first knowing the body armor level you want and the threats the armor is rated for before purchasing anything. 

You can simplify the decisions and research process by purchasing from quality manufacturers such as Tacticon Armament. Our body armor packages provide a cohesive personal protection system, ensuring that all components work together effectively to provide optimal safety and performance. 

Take the time to consider your options and make an informed purchase. You won’t regret it! Stay Safe.

The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Tacticon Armament.