4 reason to get red dots for shotguns
4 reasons to get a red dot sight for shotguns

Having a red dot sight for shot gun can benefit the shooter in multiple ways, if you are still hesitating whether you should purchase a red dot for your shotgun, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will provide 4 solid reasons to get a red dot sight for shotgun, check this out!

More accurate shooting

get a red dot sight for shotgun can shoot more accurate
More accurate

Indeed, shotguns and accuracy do belong in the same sentence. Whether you’re shooting slugs, buckshot, or even birdshot, red dots will positively impact your speed, accuracy, and versatility capabilities. The result is a more efficient shooter for any situation you might encounter.

Why should you get a red dot sight for shotgun?

First, let’s talk about what shotgun is used for, then discuss why and how having a red dot sight could improve accuracy.

Shotgun is easily the most versatile gun you can own.

I will say that the shotgun is easily the most versatile gun you can own. From shooting winged animals from the sky, downing large games, and quickly incapacitating a threat inside the home. These attributes are obtained without the excessive overpenetration served with other rounds capable of similar devastation. There isn’t much a shotgun cannot handle inside of a reasonable distance. For home defense, if your goal is to dispense as much hate as possible into your target, these firearms rarely disappoint should you be using the right load.

How can a red dot help?

There are multiple things a red dot will accomplish for you in a quest to render yourself a more accurate shooter. First, the red dot will provide you with a more precise aiming point that is less dependent on the position of your head. This can help when speed, awkward/unconventional shooting positions, and it could also help with greater control of your shot pattern are concerns. Take note of the spread of your round on paper, shooting 3-5 rounds. Zero your red dot using the center of the tightest of your spreads. 

It will be beneficial for you to try out different loads and brands as your shotgun might be particular about which it likes the best. Knowing your pattern is crucially important, as you are responsible for every pellet that leaves the barrel of your firearm. Please educate yourself on which choke your firearm has and what will work best for your intended use. It is up to the shooter to collect data based on the length of their barrel, the choke they are utilizing, and the spread pattern that their shotgun has for the best possible results.

More time to shoot

More flexible on shooting time

Shooting under varying light conditions is an important aspect as you will not always have the benefit of choosing what conditions you are utilizing your firearm. Being capable of this will differentiate yourself from those that may lose awareness of their shot under these circumstances. Therefore, it is crucial to purchase a red dot that is capable of being bright enough for direct sunlight and dim enough to maintain a precise aiming point under darkness. Another point where iron sights and a bead fall short of the red dot’s capability.

All About Aesthetics

Looks cool

Let’s be honest, red dots on shotguns are aesthetic as they are functional. It’s a vibe. If you don’t think so, you may need to seek FUDD rehabilitation from a reputable trainer. Keep in mind when mounting these optics not to mount them to the same height as other red dots you may have on your AR-15. Doing so will result in the wrong height and forfeiture of all cool points. Mount them as low as you possibly can. The shotgun stock will not be as in line compared to an AR-15. Think how low the standard shotgun bead sight sits. If you tried something of similar height on an AR-15, it would make for an extremely uncomfortable experience. The same goes for mounting high mounts on a shotgun. The solid cheek welds a low mount brings will also aid recoil management.

Have a red dot sight for shotgun can improve the shooting experience

Shoot better, live happier.

Shooting brings a lot of joy to citizens that utilize the birthright of the 2nd amendment. So how do we enhance the experience of something that managed to tag team both usefulness and coolness? Easy. When done correctly, adding a red dot sight should undoubtedly improve your skill as a shooter. Better shooting leads to the release of more endorphins and dopamine.   You may find yourself breaking down personal barriers that were wishful thinking before utilizing your red dot. Of course, you MUST train, but utilizing a red dot can ultimately enhance your shooting experience if you put in the effort.

PLUS, you have more choices of shooting location and less restrictions

Some ranges have restrictions and the type of ammunition you may utilize. Some don’t allow buckshot or birdshot. Others do not allow slugs. The world is your oyster with a red dot as it excels in every load a shotgun can utilize. Does the range start at 100 yards? No problem, this distance is easily achieved when using slugs—even taking shots out to 200 yards! You also will not be limited by lighting conditions, as mentioned previously in the article.

Time to get yourself a red dot sight for shotgun!

Haven’t convinced you yet? Only a few name brands could be recommended to sit on something as punishing as a shotgun a few years back. That is not the case anymore. As technology has improved, more and more companies have produced viable options worthy of sitting atop your shotgun. Enhancing your abilities as a shooter no longer needs to break the bank.

Tacticon Armament might just have what you want

Tacticon predator V3 is accurate and affordable
Tacticon has what you want.

The Tacticon Predator V3 has stepped into the game as a viable option for end users within all price brackets. 11 adjustment settings, flush fitting, and riser mount included. If you want to test the water for less than 100 bucks, I recommend giving the Predator V3 a throw! However, if you decide it’s not for you, it will not be a huge financial loss and can easily be repurposed for another firearm. Don’t wait! Get a red dot sight for shotgun today!