Have you ever been online shopping and saw some must have rifle attachments you immediately pulled out your credit card for? You eagerly watched the tracking number throughout the day and see that your package was delivered. You rush home tear open the box and you’re about to mount it on your rifle when you realize… uh oh it has the wrong mount.

This is inspired by many true stories of new gun owners who didn’t realize their M-LOK rifle would be incompatible with Picatinny accessories, only to find out too late. And sometimes we order things by mistake, or hastily without reading the full description. Further, there have been many attachments I wanted specifically, but they did not come with an M-LOK to Picatinny adaptor. Don’t fret my friend, we have a solution.   

What is M-LOK?

M-LOK is a method of attachment that has been around for almost ten years now and has become very popular. It uses a series of elongated slots in the handguard or rail system allowing accessories to be directly mounted onto the firearm’s surface.

M-LOK handguard
M-LOK handguard

How to Attach M-LOK

To attach accessories, insert the T-shaped nut into the slot and secure it with a screw, creating a low-profile and secure connection. Make sure that the nut of the M-LOK is perpendicular to the elongated slot and tighten the screw down.

This provides a solid attachment for most accessories in the form of a thinner, smoother, lighter, and lower profile handguard.

However, M-LOK still has less universal adaptation compared to Picatinny.

What is Picatinny?

The Picatinny rail is a mounting system that has been widely used in the firearm industry for decades. It features a series of equally spaced ridges with a T-shaped cross-section, providing a standardized platform for attaching accessories, specifically optics. Picatinny provides a robust and durable rail system due to it’s design.

Picatinny rail
Picatinny rail

The Picatinny rail’s standardized dimensions ensure compatibility with a wide range of accessories, simplifying the attachment process for gun owners.

M-LOK Rail Adaptor

In a previous post we discussed the merits of both the Picatinny and M-LOK attachment systems in further detail.

Ok, so you realized you ordered the wrong accessory, a few cuss words later you did a quick Google search and wound up here.

You need an M-LOK adaptor that will securely attach to your M-LOK rail just like any M-LOK accessory, and provide a section of Picatinny rail for mounting your accessory.

M-LOK rail adaptor
M-LOK to Picatinny rail adaptor with flashlight

Understanding the M-LOK to Picatinny Rail Adaptor

An M-LOK to Picatinny rail adapter is a handy piece of gear that allows you to attach Picatinny-compatible accessories to an M-LOK rail. This opens up a world of customization options, as you can now utilize the wide range of Picatinny accessories on your M-LOK equipped firearm.

These adapters are typically made from lightweight, durable materials like aluminum or high-strength polymer and come in various lengths, allowing for the attachment of different Picatinny-compatible accessories.

Why Use an M-LOK to Picatinny Rail Adapter?

Despite the increasing popularity of the M-LOK system, the Picatinny rail is still widely used and has a broader range of compatible accessories. By using an M-LOK to Picatinny rail adapter, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can take advantage of the sleek, lightweight, and modular design of the M-LOK system while still being able to use your Picatinny-compatible accessories.

Picatinny adaptor
M-LOK adaptor set

How to Install an M-LOK to Picatinny Rail Adapter

Installing an M-LOK to Picatinny rail adapter is typically a straightforward process:

  1. Begin by identifying the M-LOK slots where you want to install the adapter.
  2. Align the adapter with the slots.
  3. Insert the provided M-LOK T-nuts into the holes on the adapter.
  4. Use the provided screws to secure the adapter to the M-LOK rail. Make sure not to overtighten.

Benefits of M-LOK to Picatinny Adaptors

Personally, I love this concept and have used them for years, I only wish they had been around sooner. I also had a hard time finding them for a long time, and when I did they were way overpriced.

I use them to mount weapons lights typically and find the attachment remains strong even after hundreds of rounds. Sometimes I will add this to certain sections of the handguard where I would like a larger grip.

The great thing about these is they come in multiple sizes, so if you enjoy M-LOK more than Picatinny there’s no need to miss out on attachments.

This is one of those ideas that absolutely changed the game, currently, I have two Picatinny sections on my M-LOK handguard.

Have an embarrassing story about ordering the wrong thing? We would love to hear it!

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