Trauma Pads for Side Plate Body Armor (Set of 2)


Non-Newtonian foam absorbs the energy transfer when a round hits the body armor plate keeping you in the fight. This is the same stuff you see in motorcycle protective gear. Tacticon side plate body armor trauma pads mitigate the damage to your body caused by back face deformation to the plate (i.e. broken ribs, etc.). Additionally, our lightweight trauma pads increase comfort and ‘wearability’ by providing a padded barrier between you and plates. Tacticon side plate trauma pads are available in 2 sizes, 6″x6″ & 6″x8″ to match your AR500 / AR600 body armor side plates.

Trauma pads warrantied for life. If you’re shot while wearing the plate carrier and trauma pad, we will replace the plate carrier, plates, and trauma pad free of charge. (POLICE REPORT REQUIRED)

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