The Ultimate Rifle Bundle (Red Dot Magnifier, Red Dot, Iron Sights, Rifle Light, Sling)

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  • Falcon V1 3X Magnifier
    • 3mm Shim
  • Predator V2 Red & Green Reflex Sight
    • 45 Degree Offset Mount
    • (6) LR44 Batteries (only requires 3)
  • Flip-Up Back Up Iron Sights
  • BattleTorch V3 1200 Lumen Rifle Light (black)
    • Tail Switch with Pressure Pad
    • Tail Button
    • Picatinny Mount
    • Offset Mount
    • 18650 Rechargeable Battery
    • Battery Charger
  • Rifle Sling

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Falcon V1 3X Red Dot Magnifier For Red Dot Sight

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Predator V2 Reflex Sight Red And Green Dot

1142 in stock

Tacticon Flip Up Iron Sights

3735 in stock

BattleTorch V3 | 1200 Lumen Tactical Rifle Light | Black or Bronze


2 Point Rifle Sling

QD Mount 1 (optional)

QD Mount 2 (optional)

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