Level IV Plates Bundle (Plates, Carrier, Trauma Pads, TQ + Holder)

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Bundle Includes:

  • (2) Level IV 6 lbs Multi-curve Armor Plate (TASPIV)
  • BattleVest V1 Plate Carrier
  • 11″ x 14″ SAPI Trauma Pads (little bigger than plates for more comfort)
  • Combat Tourniquet
  • TQ Hard Holder

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Note: 7 lb sold out. Replaced with 6 lb LVL IV Plates. Increased price by $100.

BattleVest Tactical Plate Carrier

Level IV 6 lbs Multi-curve Armor Plate (Set of 2) × 2

Trauma Pads for Body Armor (Set of 2)

11" x 14"

TQ Hard Holder

Combat Tourniquet


Ballistic Helmet (up to .44 mag under 1400 FPS)

Normally $377, but $30 OFF when purchased with this bundle.

AR600 Level 3+ Body Armor Side Plates (Set of 2)

Quick Release Cummerbund Adapter (Set of 2)

K3 Triple Rifle/Triple Pistol Mag Pouch

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