Level III+ AR500 Bundle (Ballistic Helmet, AR500 Plates, V1 Plate Carrier, Mag Pouches, TQ + TQ Pouch)

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  • Ballistic Helmet (Pistol Rated Ballistic up to .44 mag under 1400 FPS)
  • (2) Level III+ AR500 Plates
  • BattleVest V1 Tactical Plate Carrier
  • R1MC Single Rifle Mag Carrier
  • (2) P1MC Single Pistol Mag Carrier
  • Combat Tourniquet
  • Tourniquet Soft Pouch

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BattleLid | Ballistic Helmet

Level III+ AR500 Plates (Set of 2)

10" x 12" (Med to XL)
AR500 Standard Steel

BattleVest Tactical Plate Carrier

R1MC | Single Rifle Magazine Carrier | AR-15 & AK-47 Mag Pouch

P1MC | Single Pistol Magazine Carrier | Universal Handgun Mag Pouch × 2

Combat Tourniquet


TQ Soft Pouch

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