IIIa Hard Body Armor Plate | 9.5″ x 12.5″ UHMWPE (single plate)


A study done by the FBI in 2019 concluded that every year 45.7% percent of all US homicides were committed using a pistol. Comparatively, just 2.6% of homicides were committed using a rifle and 10.6% of homicides were committed using a knife. Rifle rated plates are awesome in terms of ballistic protection but may not be feasible for every situation due to weight, size, and concealability. Our new level IIIA plate comes in at just over 1 lb. and will stop all common pistol rounds up to a .44 magnum. This plate is a 9.5″ x 12.5″ multi-curved SAPI cut constructed of polyethylene and finished with a proprietary high strength lining similar to what is found on our AR500/600 steel plates. Perfect for security guards, police officers, concealment, and adding ballistic protection to something like a backpack. This a great option for both civilians and government agencies looking for a low profile lightweight plate.

Level IIIa:

IIIA Plate NIJ Testing Lab Data – CLICK TO VIEW

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