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Global War On Terror.  Since f#@$ing up tea time for the red coats in 1776 or providing your run of the mill Jihadist the opportunity to meet his 72 virgins, there is one thing we can be proud of: Graduating from the prestigious University of G.W.O.T. either alive or posthumously.

This little slogan was born in combat.  When my buddy and I were in Afghanistan talking a bunch poo about how bored out of our minds we were since we hadn’t had any enemy contact for a few weeks… he looks at me and said: “Dude… are you even scared out here anymore?”  I replied with…. “Scared?  F@#% yeah I’m scared man.  Scared we killed all the Taliban and I’ve got to sit behind this 240B for the next 8 months without being able to squeeze the trigger!”

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