Glock 17 19 22 26 27 Concealed Carry Holster with Mag Holster


The Tacticon Glock holsters are “minimalist” holsters in which we designed them to give the individual only what he or she needs, without all the bullsh** you see in so many other Glock gun holsters out there. It seems like holster companies keep trying to reinvent something that is meant to do one thing: Defend the individual and those around them. The holster should effectively and safely retain the firearm and comfortably allow the user to wear their firearm with minimal printing. The value we’ve added to the Glock (17/19/22/26/27) concealed carry holster is counterintuitively done by ‘taking away.’ Taking away as much material and “doo-dads” as possible while retaining the principal values of a good Glock IWB holster.

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Made in USA by Tacticon