Purse Holster


  • With the Tacticon Concealed Carry Purse Holster you will be able to draw QUICKLY if you ever need to protect yourself!
  • KEEP your designer purse and carry concealed! No need to purchase that off-brand CCW purse!
  • Wear that little black dress and STILL be able to protect yourself!
  • Gentlemen, give the lady you love the gift of protection.

Carry your purse on your dominant shoulder for an upward draw or on your non-dominant shoulder for a cross-draw. This concealed carry purse holster carries your gun / pistol / firearm horizontally with the barrel facing downward and can be used with your own holster through our patented belt loops. Most other concealed carry purses carry the firearm in a way that barrel faces outward which is very unsafe. You can use this concealed carry purse holster insert for ALL of your designer purses saving you a ton of money buying a concealed carry purse (average $150 each).

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