Build your Body Armor Loadout | AR500 / AR600 Level 3+ Body Armor With Plate Carrier Package

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NOTE: not all plates have been physically labeled with NIJ certification specs yet. See below for proof.

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📁 TA600STL <Click To See NIJ Lab Report>

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Building your body armor loadout package should not be complex. Here are the 5 steps to building it out:

  1. BattleVest- This is the foundation to your loadout. Build it to your specifications of whether you are looking for a robust configuration with side plates or a more agile approach.
  2. Pouches- They help to store extra magazines and to evenly distribute weight across your chest. This will also create more space on your BattleBelt.
  3. Armor Plate Type- The most important job of any body armor plate system is to stop the threat so there is no penetration. Choose your armor system based on the weight and cut you are looking for.
  4. Trauma Pads- No matter which body armor system you purchase, there will always be Back Face Deformation or the transfer of energy through the plate and into your chest. Trauma Pads help absorb some of the energy and distributes it amongst the pad.
  5. Side Plates- If you are looking for a full 360 degree protection, side plates can help eliminate the threat from the side. (Some plate carriers do not accommodate side plates.)