BattleTorch V1 Tactical Gun Light w/ Strobe Function | Pistol & Rifle


The Tacticon BattleTorch™️ V1 is a compact pistol and rifle tactical gun light comes standard with an ultra-bright 400 Lumens LED capable of several hours of intermittent use on a single charge. This gun and rifle light has an effective range of over 200 meters as well with a broad field of view. The light has ambidextrous activation with a button available on both the left and right side of the unit. A single push of the button activates a solid light, and a double-tap of the button activates the disorienting strobe function. The housing is manufactured with reinforced polymer making it durable and lightweight. The BattleTorch V1 pistol and rifle light boasts a powerful magnetically charged lithium-ion battery and can be recharged while mounted on the firearm. The rail mount can be adjusted to 3 different mounting holes to accommodate most any size rail on most any size firearm.

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