BattlePack Lite | Sling Backpack


Tacticon’s new BattlePack Lite is the perfect option when on the go. This sling pack is well suited carry handguns, dozens of magazines, electronics, med-kits, hydration sources, every day essentials, and of course….. snacks. All pouches have been lined with water resistant material to ensure ammo, electronics, and paperwork are not damaged by adverse weather conditions. The sling strap is positioned at the centerline of the pack to provide an equal experience for right and left-handed users. To switch between right and left-hand orientation, simply change the position of the sling strap clip located at the end of the strap from right to left or left to right at the clip point located at the bottom corners of the pack. The pack also includes a smaller strap that may be connected to the main strap to reduce the sway of the bag when on the move. The main sling strap material is adjustable in length for variations in body type or method of carry. In general, there are three ways you can carry this pack: Across the body, over one shoulder, or on your chest. For longer treks, there is a loop at the bottom inside of the pack that may be attached to the belt to keep the bag secured to your body. Velcro and MOLLE attachment points can be found at nearly every angle of the pack for any additional gear mounting requirements you may need. The inside has a generous amount of space and storage compartments for its size. Both small and large retention bands as well as a hook & loop mounted pistol retention options are generously provided throughout the entire interior of the pack in addition to its numerous water-resistant pouches.

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