BattlePack Elite | BattleGear Elite

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BattlePack Elite | BattleGear Elite


The BattlePack Elite is our part of flagship line newly released combat-ready gear. Backpack can be attached to the Tacticon BattleVest Elite or ANY plate carrier using the included conversion kit. The BattlePack Elite can be worn standalone with removable backpack straps and is hydration bladder compatible.

BattlePack Elite comes with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Backpack Armor Plate - Level III (SRT) Rifle & Level IIIA Pistol Rated (single plate)

Need extra protection? Add in backpack armor!
- Level IIIa will stop handgun rounds up to a .44 Magnum
-Level SRT will stop rifle rounds like .223/5.56 (55 gr) or even 7.62x39 MSC.

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