AR600 Level 3+ Body Armor With BattleVest Plate Carrier Package

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The Tacticon Armament level 3+ steel core body armor with BattleVest plate carrier offers the highest level of protection for multiple hits in a small shot group. Less than half the price of composite body armor, our AR600 body armor, and BattleVest plate carrier is unmatched.

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BattleVest Tactical Plate Carrier

AR600 3+ Body Armor Plates (Set of 2)

AR600 Lightweight Steel (-5 lbs/set)

AR600 Side Plates (Set of 2)

Trauma Pads for Body Armor (Set of 2)

Trauma Pads for Side Plate Body Armor (Set of 2)

Quick Release Cummerbund Adapter (Set of 2)

R1MC | Single Rifle Magazine Carrier | AR-15 & AK-47 Mag Pouch

P1MC | Single Pistol Magazine Carrier | Universal Handgun Mag Pouch

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