AR600 Level 3+ Body Armor With Desert Sand Plate Carrier Package

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The Tacticon Armament level 3+ steel core body armor with BattleVest plate carrier offers the highest level of protection for multiple hits in a small shot group. Less than half the price of composite body armor, our AR600 body armor, and BattleVest plate carrier is unmatched.

NIJ CERTIFIED – View Certification On NIJ Website

*14 Day Lead Time (as of 7.3.23)

AR600 3+ Body Armor Plates (Set of 2)

AR600 Lightweight Steel (-5 lbs/set)

Trauma Pads for Body Armor (Set of 2)

AR500 / AR600 Level 3+ Body Armor Side Plates (Set of 2)

Trauma Pads for Side Plate Body Armor (Set of 2)

Quick Release Cummerbund Adapter (Set of 2)

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P1/P2/P3 Pistol Mag Pouch

R1/R2/R3 Rifle Mag Pouch

K1/K2/K3 Rifle & Pistol Mag Pouch

R1S/R2S/R3S Rifle Stacker Mag Pouch

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