A reliable and durable AR15 rifle case is a must have for any firearm owner. Whether you’re a seasoned shooting enthusiast or new to the world of firearms, the Tacticon Battle Bag provides a comprehensive solution for transporting and protecting your gear. We will discuss the features and benefits of this versatile AR15 rifle case, and why it has become my go-to range bag.

The Tacticon Battle Bag: A Multipurpose Rifle Bag

This AR15 rifle case is designed to accommodate the needs of shooting enthusiasts. The Tacticon Battle Bag is a soft-sided double rifle bag that can comfortably house two rifles, pistols, ammunition, and magazines securely. These AR15 cases are available in 36” and 42” sizes, this bag offers ample space for a variety of firearm configurations. Additionally, there are many pouches in the front of the bag, to store gear, tools, pistols, and more. The Battle Bag is available in several colors, including OD green, ranger green, multicam, multicam black, black, coyote, and tan.

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Many many colors

Built to Last

Our AR15 rifle case is constructed of high quality 500D Cordura nylon. The Battle Bag is designed for durability and long lasting use. It is water-resistant, keeping your firearms and accessories protected from the elements. The lockable zippers provide added security for your valuables giving you peace of mind during transportation. This is also important in certain areas based on local laws. Make sure you are familiar with firearms laws in the areas you will be transporting your equipment.

Comfortable and Convenient

The Tacticon Battle Bag features hefty, padded straps that can be zipped out of the way when not in use. This ensures a comfortable carrying experience without any unnecessary bulk. The rear side of the bag has straps that can be unzipped so the bag can be carried as a backpack.

Rifle bag

Additionally, the bag includes six AR/AK magazine holsters sewn into the interior, making it convenient to access and organize your magazines during shooting sessions.

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More Than Just a Rifle Bag

One of the standout features of the Tacticon Battle Bag is its versatility. The large pad between the rifles can be removed and used as a comfortable shooting pad once you arrive at the range. This AR15 case also has ample room to serve as an inclusive range bag. I used to carry my hard sided rifle cases and a range bag for my gear, now I have the perfect all-in-one solution. There are so many storage pouches in this bag that I no longer need to bring my large range bag. 

Warranty and Support

The Tacticon Battle Bag comes with a no questions asked 1-year warranty, ensuring that you’re investing in a high quality product backed by the manufacturer’s support. This warranty provides added assurance that your investment in this AR15 case is protected.

Final Thoughts

The Tacticon Battle Bag offers a comprehensive solution for firearm owners seeking a versatile, durable, and comfortable rifle bag. Its multipurpose design, high-quality materials, and thoughtful features make it the ideal choice for transporting and protecting your AR15 and other firearms. With a 1-year warranty, you can trust that the BattleBag will serve you well on your shooting and outdoor adventures.

Many competitive rifle bags are more expensive and offer less features. I was truly impressed by this rifle bag, I received it my first day at Tacticon and haven’t been to the range without it since.

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