When VSO Met Tacticon Rifle Bag
What does a gun expert think of Tacticon Double Rifle Bag

Tacticon invited the prestigious influencer, The VSO Gun Channel, to review one of our best product: Double Rifle Bag! Let’s see what he thinks about it!

Why is the Tacticon rifle bag worth a shot?

Tacticon Double Rifle Bag is an innovative product that contains all the features you need in a rifle bag. It’s functional – you can put everything you need for shooting in one bag. In addition, the mindful design keeps your belongings protected from dust, dirt and water. The hidden straps on the back provide you with an alternative for carrying – and if you want them out of your way, simply zip them up in the pocket!

Lastly, the competitive price point is definitely one of the most attractive features of our rifle bag! Why not invest in a bag loaded with features, so that you can have all you need in one place?

Tacticon Armament Double Rifle Bag Features

It has everything you need
Product Features
  • Can comfortably house 2 rifles, 2 pistols, and all your ammunition and magazines securely.
  • Water Resistant with lockable zippers.
  • Hefty and padded straps ease the pressure on your shoulders.
  • 6 AR/AK magazine holsters.
  • The moveable large divider pad in between can be used for housing a third rifle or as a comfortable shooting pad.
  • Molle system furnishes flexibility on gear placing.

Here are the reviews from the customers

See what VSO thinks about the Tacticon Double Rifle Bag NOW.

What do you think?

Thank you VSO
Thank you, VSO!

A big shoutout to VSO. Thank you for the detailed description. We are glad that you’re satisfied with it! We will definitely consider your suggestions next time we update the design. After all, we need more feedback from the users to improve! Thank you so much for your suggestions and everything you have done for us and this industry.

If you are looking for a badass rifle bag, maybe you just found it! I personally LOVE this buddy. It’s sweeter than Christmas morning. I can use it when I go to the range, hiking, or even put a violin in it! IF only i I know how to play the violin, though. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!