Have you ever wanted a more secure firearms storage system that keeps the gun concealed but still accessible in your home, office, or vehicle? Leaving a gun sitting out on a table or a night stand leaves it exposed, and keeping it in your glovebox slows access. Wouldn’t it be better if the gun was securely held under the table out of view but still accessible? Or securely stored under the dashboard of your vehicle, where it can be accessed, and removed when you leave your car? This is where gun magnets and magnet car gun mounts come into play. Gun magnets allow the gun to be stored under a table, on the side of a desk, or really anywhere you might want one in a secure position. Magnet car gun mounts are a great way to keep your firearm as accessible as possible while on the road, and still secure (Be sure to follow all laws in your area.) We will be discussing the benefits of magnetic gun holders, usage tips, and two of the best gun magnets you can get today at an affordable price. 

Benefits of Gun Magnet Holders

Magnet gun holsters are a simple, yet innovative storage solution for firearms. The idea of using magnets to secure an object has been around forever, including using magnets for guns. However, mounting gun magnets using screws caused them to lose some popularity. While this is an incredibly secure option, many people didn’t want to drill into their desks and tables. At Tacticon Armament this is no longer a concern as our HALO gun magnet, and DiaMag comes with adhesive backing so you can place the magnet with or without screws. We do recommend using screws for peace of mind and the utmost security, but they are able to be used without. 

Car gun magnet
Car gun mount

One of the most attractive features of using these products is the accessibility of the firearm. Gun magnets do not involve a lock where you may end up fumbling with the key or have difficulty finding the hole. All you need to do is overcome the magnet’s ability to hold 25 pounds. 

Gun magnet
25 pound weight retention

These magnets allow for versatility, the only limit for firearm storage areas is your imagination. The most popular locations are under a desk/table, under the nightstand, and in vehicles, but there are many possibilities. Magnet gun mounts for cars have become popular as reaching and opening the glovebox is slow and causes you to need to reach. Gloveboxes are also not the most secure location for a firearm. These magnets keep the firearm secure, they are able to hold 25 pounds! This means you won’t have to worry about hitting a pothole and your gun coming loose. Similarly, because these magnets for guns can hold 25 pounds they can be used in rifle storage as well. This is a great solution for a crowded safe, where firearms can bang around ruining the finish and wood. Magnets will keep them securely in place during storage and removal, no more fighting to be able to close the door.

Gun Magnet Holder
Gun magnet holder

How to Choose the Right Gun Magnet Holder

There are two gun magnets available at Tacticon Armament with unique distinctions and capabilities. 


The halo gun magnet is roughly the size of three-quarters stacked and features an adhesive backing with a hole in the center where provided screws can be used for extra security. This is the perfect magnet for discrete storage and will keep the firearm very close to the surface the magnet is attached to. 

adhesive gun holder
HALO gun magnet


The DiaMag gun holder is sold as a single magnet and provides the same 25 pound weight retention as the Halo gun magnet. This magnet holds the firearm just over an inch from the surface it is mounted to for easier removal. Included in the packaging are two short and two long screws, as well as two wall mounts for extra security. 

Gun magnet holder
DiaMag gun magnet holder

Gun Magnet Installation and Usage Tips

Both of these gun holders feature an adhesive backing. The adhesive backing is stronger on the DiaMag, making it the best option if you plan to use the adhesive alone. We do recommend using the included screws and/or wall mounts for extra security, which is why we provide them free of additional charge. At the end of the day, every gun owner has the responsibility to secure your firearm, and make sure you are taking the proper steps to do so. 


Gun magnets are an attractive (get it?) storage solution for firearms. They allow for almost unlimited mounting possibilities. These can be used as magnetic car gun mounts, providing additional storage options inside your vehicle. Gun magnets allow the user to retrieve the firearm faster, and keep the gun secure no matter where it is. Pick up either the HALO or DiaMag today and let your imagination run wild with possibilities.  

The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Tacticon Armament.