Foregrips are a great addition to any rifle because they provide a more biomechanically sound positioning for the shooters arm.

Vertical foregrips are very popular and allow for greater muzzle control and faster follow up shots.

In my personal opinion they are simply more comfortable than a traditional rifle grip, I find less twisting for my arm and wrist.

Folding Vertical Foregrip

I want to introduce the Battle Grip 5 from Tacticon Armament, which is a folding vertical foregrip.

Tacticon battle grip 5, folding foregrip
Tacticon Armament Battle Grip 5

This grip is designed to contour to the shooters hand better than traditional foregrips.

It also has the benefit of quickly transitioning to the folded position where it doubles as a hand stop, serving two purposes.

I actually find utilizing the grip as a hand stop to be very comfortable.

Folded Foregrip, tacticon battle grip 5
Battle grip 5 folded as hand stop

Overall, the Battle Grip 5 is a more versatile piece of equipment than traditional grips, and utilizes 1913 Picatinny to securely attach to any rifle with this type of rail.

Tacticon Armament offers many options for foregrips in our Battle Grip line up, from traditional, angled, hand stops, and foregrips with laser and lights.