Body Armor System Product Review
Tacticon Body Armor

One of our top sellers: Body Armor System. This product includes 1 plates carrier and 2 frag mitigation coating plates. In this article, we will show you our production and the honest reviews from our customers!

When it comes to body armor plates, we don’t compromise.

The most important job for a body armor plate is to protect you. Since it’s for safety, we can’t settle. We don’t settle. Every plate we made; every cut we conducted are functional. We want to ensure our body armor can protect you 100% when needed. We want it to be your best friend on the field, a friend who will NEVER disappoint you.

Body Armor Production

It’s a plates carrier that is aesthetic and effective

The molle design on the body armor carrier allows you to attach your magazine pouches or whatever gear you need on the field. The tactical velcro secures your body firmly, and you can adjust freely to feel comfortable wearing them. In addition, we guaranteed 100% satisfaction, that is to say, if you, unfortunately, got shot while wearing the plates carrier and trauma pads, as long as you provide the police report, we will get you a new one at $0 cost. Your safety is our first concern, and it always will be. Below is a video of a complete introduction to our body armor system:

Check the reviews of our body armor system from our customers

If you are willing to trust us, we will try our best not letting you down

As a combat-veteran-owned company, our team serves one principal and one principal only. That is, to be honest with our customers and ourselves. Our products and our customer service are our brands. Whether you want to ask us about which product you should choose, what skill you should work on, or you want to make a comment on our product, we will always open our arms for you. Send us an email or give us a call. We will be here for you and later!