When I was shopping for my first plate carrier, years before working at Tacticon Armament, I had a hard time. 

Not only were there so many options and such a large price range, but so many plate carriers were basic and had very few features themselves. 

I was searching for, and eventually found, a lightweight plate carrier with magazine pouches. I wanted a plate carrier that had features that added value, so I didn’t have to keep buying accessories to get the plate carrier to meet my needs. 

At Tacticon Armament we sell the Battle Vest V2, which has now become my primary plate carrier because it has so many intrinsic features that add value and capability in a comfortable, compact package.

What’s So Special About The Battle Vest V2?

lightweight plate carrier
Battle Vest V2

For me, a really big thing was having a lightweight plate carrier with magazine pouches built in. At that time I just didn’t want to keep purchasing attachments to make the plate carrier work for me. 

The one I purchased at the time had magazine pouches in the cummerbund, which was great until I kept hitting my ‘funny bone’ on my spare magazines.

I met the Battle Vest V2 when I first took my tour of Tacticon, and I left there with it. The V2 is packed with features, on the front it has a collapsible integral magazine pouch that holds 3 AR-15 or AK-47 magazines. 

Plate carrier with magazine pouches
Magazine pouches on the Battle Vest V2

It also has a collapsible admin pouch at the top for storage. Both of these pouches sit flush when not in use, so they don’t add any measurable bulk to the carrier. 

The V2 also features the classic skeletonized cummerbund making it more breathable but still MOLLE compatible to mount accessories.

The inside of the plate carrier features a breathable mesh lining allowing for airflow and making the carrier comfortable when wearing plates with or without trauma pads. Like all of our Tacticon plate carriers, there is MOLLE throughout the front, back, and cummerbund for any additional accessories you may want to add.

Hydration and Communication Integration 

The V2 Battle Vest is an essential piece of equipment. Its shoulder pads come integrated with cable management loops, making it possible to easily and securely attach communications cables as well as a hydration pack and bladder. This feature is especially useful in the field, allowing you to stay connected and hydrated while on the move. 

Reinforced Rear Drag Handle

A reinforced rear drag handle sits flush with Velcro on the rear of the Battle Vest V2, enabling users to move their teammates out of the line of fire without worrying about the carrier being structurally compromised or the drag handle ripping. This further demonstrates the plate carriers’ structural integrity which allows for use in any situation.

lightweight plate carrier
Reinforced drag handle on the Battle Vest V2

Practical and Functional

Another benefit of this lightweight plate carrier is how minimalist it is, the plate carrier can even be concealed if you remove the shoulder straps. It is also worth noting that the shoulder pads are also minimal, but provide adequate comfort for extended wear. While it does not come with side plate compatibility, side plate pouches can be attached by using MOLLE.

Minimalist lightweight plate carriers have been very popular in the last several years with both military and civilians because they are easier to use and less bulky. 

Battle Vest V2 Features and Specs

  • Accommodates 10×12″ plates
  • Adjustable cummerbund from 38″ to 48″
  • Made from 900 D polyester
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Breathable Mesh with MOLLE webbing

Final Thoughts

I have worn cheap plate carriers, and I have worn expensive plate carriers. I am not a salesman and I get zero commission so you can believe me when I tell you I love my Battle Vest V2, it is my go-to, and my primary plate carrier to this day. Had I found this plate carrier when I was first looking, I would probably have never purchased another plate carrier, especially since the Battle Vest V2 is exceptionally affordable. 

Practical and functional, the Battle Vest V2 is designed to meet your plate carrier needs. With so many features packed into one stylish package, it’s no surprise that so many people (including myself) have fallen in love with the Battle Vest V2 plate carrier.

The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Tacticon Armament.