Folks, as most of y’all know we are based in California which has a ‘safe handgun roster’ that restricts residents from purchasing most of the new handguns that have hit the market in the last 20 years. Recently because of Hon. Judge Benitez’s decision, the Roster in its current form was stricken down because of the combined three restrictions that prevented new firearms from being on the list of “State approved” handguns.

If you are not familiar, California required a drop test, a loaded chamber indicator, magazine disconnect, and a microstamping, the combination of the last three, especially microstamping, was stricken down. I have previously written about this in detail for those interested in learning more about the California roster.

Journey to 365

I have wanted a Sig P365 since they first came out, there has never been another firearm I wanted this badly. As soon as I heard the news that Sig made a model for California I called every local shop to see if they had them yet.

I purchased the firearm and went through the initial background check, and got a call two days later that CA DOJ delayed my background. I reached out to DOJ to inquire why this happened, what could be done, and how long it would take before my background was approved. After waiting on hold for half an hour I was told the following:

‘We decided whether or not you can pick up your firearm.’ ‘No, there is nobody else you can talk to.’ ‘No, the process takes however long it takes.’

If this sounds like overreach without transparency that’s because it is.

Part of the concern with a delayed background is after 30 days the background either has to be repeated or the shop, at their discretion, can determine whether or not to release the firearm to the purchaser since DOJ failed to meet their obligation. Most shops don’t release because they make more money from repeated backgrounds and a 10-25% restocking fee if the second background is not finished within 30 days.

After 28 days passed, and hours of time spent on Reddit, I got a call that my background was approved. I picked up my firearm at the crowed shop (Several more firearms were also added to the roster, thanks to Hon. Judge Benitez) and finally after 6 years I had the pistol I had been pining over.

Initial Impressions

Sig Sauer changed the game with the 365. They were one of the first to offer a double stack magazine that is somehow thinner and more streamline than competitors.

Holding the pistol, the stock grip module is incredibly ergonomic with either flush fitting magazines, or the pinky extender. I noticed the gun was so natural to bring on target with iron sights that my plan to mount a red dot went out the window. The CA 365 comes with a great set of night sights, but one thing I noticed was how easy it is to pick up the sights and get them on target under any lighting condition.

Sig 365 night sights
P365 Night Sights

While dry firing the pistol, one of the first things I noticed was how good the trigger felt. I have shot several Sigs, and never really liked any of their triggers, they always seemed to have a ton of travel. Conversely, the Sig 320 has less travel, but a ‘mushy’ let off. However the P365 is different, it has a little travel, and a firm, crispy break, with a positive reset.

The California model comes with an ambidextrous manual safety which is a point of contention on forums with many owners opting to remove it, however I like the safety. The safety is very easy to actuate, and out of the way to prevent accidental engagement while firing. Anyone who shoots 1911s will notice how familiar it is to disengage the safety.

Range Report

To date I have taken my 365 to the range several times and the little pistol never ceases to amaze me. Despite its size the firearm is incredibly accurate and easy to shoot. I was hitting half sized silhouette targets at 50 yards consistently. The accuracy of this firearm makes you forget you are using a sub-compact pistol.

Felt recoil isn’t bad, it is certainly more than a full sized pistol, but that’s to be expected. Using the smaller, flush fitting mag the felt recoil was slightly increased due to the loss of purchase space on the firearm. However, even using 9mm+P ammo the gun is very controllable, making follow up shots very fast.

Flush fit and extended Sig 365 mags
P365 with flush fit mag (Left) and extended baseplate (Right)

Successive range trips with the 365 allowed me to test a variety of different brands and types ammo, and the gun ate everything including FMJ, Federal HSTs, Hornady Critical Defense, Underwood X-Tream penetrator external hollow points, etc. without any feeding or extraction issues.

I opted to install a Sig flat trigger because the look is a vibe. However I noticed it seemed to have some advantages over the stock trigger. Namely, it felt more affirmative, the let off felt more crisp, and the reset felt more positive. It could just be more imagining it, but I love the look and feel.

Concealed Carry

The Sig Sauer P365 was always marketed as the perfect CCW gun, but is in no way limited to this role. In terms of concealed carry the firearm has excellent capacity, yet remains so thin and small that practically anyone can carry it with any combination of clothing.

Without modification the pistol is very capable of being a concealed carry firearm, home defense weapon, and range gun, or all of the above in one package. That said, the modularity of the design means there are virtually endless possibilities that can be made from aftermarket parts by changing grip modules and slide/barrel combinations. If you so choose you can even purchase a caliber conversion kit from Sig to swap between 380 and 9mm.

Final Notes

After a very long wait I finally have a Sig 365 of my own. The Sig Sauer P365 is truly a remarkably and capable firearm that never fails to impress me. My friends who have shot it feel the same, many of whom are looking to buy one of their own shortly. I am keeping mine just the way it is and have no plans to make further modifications. If you are looking for a new, or better CCW gun to replace your old, OG Shield then look no further, and if you need a IWB holster we have you covered. I can wholeheartedly recommend the California Sig 365 without reservations, it is without a doubt the most versatile handgun I have ever used.

The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Tacticon Armament.

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  1. Jason Gunter says:

    Great article! I live in Chattanooga TN and feel sorry for gun owners in California. Everyone’s situation is different but if at all possible….MOVE!!! Liberals have destroyed that great state. You will love living in a gun friendly environment.

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