We believe in outfitting both men and women with comfortable, effective and combat ready tactical gear.  Our catalog is a curated combination of original patented products and tactical gear enhanced to include features requested from our customers.  We hope you enjoy all the effort we put forth to improve upon our products, our service and ourselves.

Jacob Dines
CEO / Founder

Started the business with a vision to outfit men and women with high quality, effective, and combat ready tactical gear.

Dillon Chima

When he’s not sleeping, eating, or SnapChatting on the job, Dillon provides outstanding quality control through the manufacturing process .


Don’t let the let the good looks fool you. There’s a brain behind that pretty face and he uses it to reach those amazing customers out there that don’t yet know we exist.

Joan Purser
Accounting / HR

With a background in bookkeeping for small to mid-sized business, Joan keeps Tacticon Armament compliant so we can focus on guns…. not balance sheets and P&L’s.