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Breaking Down Bulletproof vs Bullet Resistant

Steel Body Armor Plate

The terms ‘bulletproof’ and ‘bullet-resistant’ are often used interchangeably when discussing body armor. However, it’s important to understand the distinction between bulletproof vs bullet resistant and their implications in the field of personal protection. While no material can be considered truly ‘bulletproof’ against all types of ammunition and velocities, the term ‘bullet-resistant’ accurately describes materials[…]

The History of Body Armor and Bulletproof Vests

History of Body Armor

Body armor has played a crucial role in human warfare and personal protection for thousands of years. From ancient civilizations to modern day warfighters and law enforcement, the use of armor has evolved in response to advances in weaponry and technology. This article will explore the fascinating history of body armor, tracing its development through[…]

Triple Threat: Vertical Foregrip With Light and Laser

A rifle’s performance can be significantly improved by incorporating accessories to enhance performance. There is a very long list of beneficial attachments, but foregrips are one of the most common, providing the user with a more ergonomic grip, and greater control of the weapon. Attachments are designed to enhance stability, control, and visibility, providing users[…]

UHMWPE vs Kevlar

Body armor has evolved significantly over time. In our article level 3+ ceramic plates we talked about the history of hard body armor and its evolution. In this article, we will be talking about two common materials used in soft body armor, UHMWPE vs Kevlar. This article is of particular importance to me coming from[…]

Which is the best rifle sling? Why? How to use them?

There are three common kinds of rifle slings to consider when making a decision for purchase. Single-point, two-point, and three-point. We will be discussing which one will best serve your needs. I will tell you which one I prefer, market trends, and current commonality. Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons for each type[…]