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Everything You Need to Know About Level IIIA Body Armor

The world of body armor can be complex and intricate with numerous specifications, materials, and designs to understand. In this post we will focus on one specific and common piece, Level IIIA body armor. We will break down what exactly Level IIIA body armor is, how it is made, where it fits among other armor[…]

Understanding SRT & SRT+ Rifle Threat Body Armor

Body armor is used in scenarios all across the board where an individual is in danger from gun fire. Contrary to some common beliefs this is not limited to law enforcement and military. Civilian ownership of body armor has skyrocketed, especially in the past five years. Selecting the right body armor is an important personal[…]

Exploring Rifle Protection Body Armor

When defending against threats it is important to know not all armor performs the same. The term “Bulletproof vest” is often thrown around casually, but it gives the wrong connotation. In reality no armor is truly bulletproof, and there is a rating system used for armor established by the National Institute of Justice to rate[…]

Level IIIA Handgun Defense: An In-Depth Look

Handguns are less powerful and easier to defend against using the appropriate body armor as opposed to rifles and shotguns. When considering the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ) rating system for body armor, Level IIIA is the premier protective standard against handgun threats. For threats more severe than handguns, such as rifles or armor piercing[…]

Understanding Level III+ Body Armor for Personal Protection

Body armor serves as a shield in various professional settings like the military, law enforcement, and individual protection for the everyday citizen. The demand for body armor among professionals, and civilians has risen and contributed to advancing research and the development of new technologies. The demand for armor, and gaps in the current NIJ rating[…]

Level IV Body Armor: Ultimate Protection for Personal Safety

Body armor is a fundamental part of your protective gear. It provides you with a valuable layer of defense against various threats, from bullets and bladed weapons to shrapnel and other forms of projectiles, covering your most vital areas.  Choosing the right body armor depends largely on one’s personal needs and the nature of potential[…]

The Evolution and Benefits of Ceramic Body Armor

Body armor is an essential part of protective equipment for anyone wanting the security and peace of mind it provides. Over the years, advancements in technology have led to the development of various types of body armor, each with its unique strengths. One such innovation is ceramic body armor, sought after for its ability to[…]

Understanding AR500/AR600 Steel Body Armor

Today we will be covering what is possibly the most common body armor in civilian circulation. Steel body armor, particularly AR500 is one of the most affordable body armor options available generally costing between $75-150 per plate. Reputable manufacturers like Tacticon use ballistic grade steel to make body armor, this ensures that the steel is[…]

What is Level III Body Armor

Body armor can be a complicated landscape to navigate if you are new to the field, and sometimes even if you are not. The NIJ updates standards, companies use complicated ratings outside of the NIJ purview, and there are so many options to choose from, so where to start? Today let’s discuss a tried and[…]

Female Body Armor Advantages and Considerations

What is Body Armor  Body armor is protective garments designed to absorb or deflect physical attacks, specifically those involving firearms or knives. By using layers of strong, high tech fabrics and materials body armor can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury or death when a person is shot or stabbed. What is Female Body[…]