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Shooting is a popular sport throughout the united state. It involves the proficiency competition of precision, speed, and accuracy. Different distances, firearms, weather, or other factors could drastically affect shooting performance. Therefore, we design a shooting skills section in order to help you to achieve your goals!

We can break the thinking process of shooting into 3 parts: before you go to the range, second, during the shooting, and third is coming back from the range. We will share do’s and don’ts and the know-how of different shooting skills practice in this category. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we hope you can find something you didn’t know or something you want to know.

At Tacticon Armament, we believe everyone deserves a quality shooting experience without breaking the bank. Therefore, we provide good-value tactical products at affordable prices. However, this is not enough. We also want to make sure you can be more familiar with shooting!

Let us know what you would like to know about shooting in the comment, and we will have our crew help you out! Sharing is caring; if you like our articles, go ahead and share them with your people :)

First Thing You Will Learn About Firearms Training, And It’s Free

You have a great optic to help to aim. Great! Now you need some training. You have an awesome body armor setting up. Fantastic! Now you need some training. You owned a perfect holster for concealed carry. Wonderful! Now you need some training. Without proper firearms training, even if you have the best tools for[…]

Shooting Training for Free! The Skill You Should Know!

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Five Things You Need to Know About Concealed Carry

5 things you need to know about concealed carry

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Shooting 101: How To Adjust Iron Sights

How to adjust iron sights

Compared to red dot sights, iron sights are designed as a physical alignment system utilizing the naked eye. It is a device that operates well under ambient lighting, and it is also a device that won’t fail you for battery/electrical issues, because it doesn’t need batteries! We currently use iron sights as our backup sights[…]