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Who knows our product better than ourselves? So here is the place you will see us review our products. The reviews will include a detailed explanation of the products, how to use them, and their features.

We value ourselves as a company that is honest and open-minded. Therefore, you might occasionally see reviews from our customers or partners. And, of course, we do not alter their comments or buy their favors.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction, and we mean it! Having product reviews is to assist our existed customers in knowing the best way to play with their new toys/our products. And for potential customers, you can always compare our products to others so that you can get your desired tactical gear!

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Now is the Time for VSO to Reveal the Truth About our Rifle Bag to You

Rifle bag description from VSO

Tacticon invited the prestigious influencer, The VSO Gun Channel, to review one of our best product: Double Rifle Bag! Let’s see what he thinks about it! Why is the Tacticon rifle bag worth a shot? Tacticon Double Rifle Bag is an innovative product that contains all the features you need in a rifle bag. It’s[…]

Body Armor System: The Most Reliable Protection For Shooters

Body Armor System

One of our top sellers: Body Armor System. This product includes 1 plates carrier and 2 frag mitigation coating plates. In this article, we will show you our production and the honest reviews from our customers! When it comes to body armor plates, we don’t compromise. The most important job for a body armor plate[…]