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Who knows our product better than ourselves? So here is the place you will see us review our products. The reviews will include a detailed explanation of the products, how to use them, and their features.

We value ourselves as a company that is honest and open-minded. Therefore, you might occasionally see reviews from our customers or partners. And, of course, we do not alter their comments or buy their favors.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction, and we mean it! Having product reviews is to assist our existed customers in knowing the best way to play with their new toys/our products. And for potential customers, you can always compare our products to others so that you can get your desired tactical gear!

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Maximizing Your Firearm with Gun Magnet Holders

Have you ever wanted a more secure firearms storage system that keeps the gun concealed but still accessible in your home, office, or vehicle? Leaving a gun sitting out on a table or a night stand leaves it exposed, and keeping it in your glovebox slows access. Wouldn’t it be better if the gun was[…]

Battle Vest V2 Lightweight Plate Carrier Love Story

When I was shopping for my first plate carrier, years before working at Tacticon Armament, I had a hard time.  Not only were there so many options and such a large price range, but so many plate carriers were basic and had very few features themselves.  I was searching for, and eventually found, a lightweight[…]

M-LOK to Picatinny Adaptor: Enhancing Compatibility and Options

Have you ever been online shopping and saw some must have rifle attachments you immediately pulled out your credit card for? You eagerly watched the tracking number throughout the day and see that your package was delivered. You rush home tear open the box and you’re about to mount it on your rifle when you[…]

Stubby Foregrip: Tacticon Battle Grip 11 Overview

The advent of the quad rail for the AR platform revolutionized the market for accessories and made the AR platform the most popular, modular, and customizable rifle on the market. Prior to quad rails we had the M16 style handguards, and accessories were uncommon. Foregrips are one of the most common rail accessories after optics and[…]

Get a Better Shot with a 35 Degree Offset Mount

There are many options when it comes to the wide world of optics for tactical use, hunting, and target shooting. Red dots and holographic are great for fast target acquisition at close to medium range. Scopes are made for precision shooting at medium and long range. In an effort to do it all, prisms and[…]

Folding Foregrip: Battle Grip 5 from Tacticon

Foregrips Foregrips are a great addition to any rifle because they provide a more biomechanically sound positioning for the shooters arm. Vertical foregrips are very popular and allow for greater muzzle control and faster follow up shots. In my personal opinion they are simply more comfortable than a traditional rifle grip, I find less twisting[…]

Bulletproof Backpacks and Bulletproof Backpack Inserts

In recent years, the demand for personal protective gear has increased, with bulletproof backpacks emerging as a popular choice.  These backpacks are designed to shield the wearer from ballistic threats and are becoming common among students, professors, and everyday citizens. It’s horrifying that we have gotten to this point, but here we aim to discuss what[…]

Now is the Time for VSO to Reveal the Truth About our Rifle Bag to You

Rifle bag description from VSO

Tacticon invited the prestigious influencer, The VSO Gun Channel, to review one of our best product: Double Rifle Bag! Let’s see what he thinks about it! Why is the Tacticon rifle bag worth a shot? Tacticon Double Rifle Bag is an innovative product that contains all the features you need in a rifle bag. It’s[…]

Body Armor System: The Most Reliable Protection For Shooters

Body Armor System

One of our top sellers: Body Armor System. This product includes 1 plates carrier and 2 frag mitigation coating plates. In this article, we will show you our production and the honest reviews from our customers! When it comes to body armor plates, we don’t compromise. The most important job for a body armor plate[…]