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California Magazine Ban Overturned a Second Time

You have likely heard the news that the Hon. Judge Benitez (Termed Saint Benitez by many) has once again ruled that the California law limiting magazine capacity unconstitutional. What makes this decision even more interesting is the timeline and history of how we got to Friday’s new decision. Let’s get into what led up to[…]

The Rise of Bulletproof Backpack Armor Inserts

Protective equipment is becoming quite sought after and commonplace in everyday life. Haven’t seen it yourself? That may be because outside of “Bulletproof vests” the most commonly worn piece of body armor is bulletproof backpack body armor inserts. Backpack armor plates are hands down the most discreet way of having body armor on your person.[…]

The Unseen Consequences of Defunding Hunting and Archery Programs in Schools

We the team at Tacticon Armament are proponents of the Second Amendment and advocates for responsible gun ownership, we find ourselves in a crucial moment. The Biden Administration’s recent decision to withdraw federal funding from school-based hunting and archery programs is a move that demands our collective attention and response. This action, taken under the[…]

Understanding AR500/AR600 Steel Body Armor

Today we will be covering what is possibly the most common body armor in civilian circulation. Steel body armor, particularly AR500 is one of the most affordable body armor options available generally costing between $75-150 per plate. Reputable manufacturers like Tacticon use ballistic grade steel to make body armor, this ensures that the steel is[…]

What is Level III Body Armor

Body armor can be a complicated landscape to navigate if you are new to the field, and sometimes even if you are not. The NIJ updates standards, companies use complicated ratings outside of the NIJ purview, and there are so many options to choose from, so where to start? Today let’s discuss a tried and[…]

How Does Body Armor Work

What is Body Armor Body armor is a broad term that encapsulates all types of protective gear designed to prevent injury, but most well known is armor designed to stop bullets and shrapnel. Originating from the armor worn by warriors in ancient battles, modern body armor has come a long way in terms of technology[…]

Benefits of Steel Body Armor: Why It’s Still Relevant

The threats humans face in combat have evolved drastically over the course of human history. With the evolution of threats has come the evolution of how to counter them but at a slower rate of course. So why are we still using steel body armor for ballistic threats all these years later? Let’s get into[…]

What Is Body Armor and Why Do You Need It

Body armor has been used for centuries to protect individuals from various threats, such as knives, arrows, and bullets. In this article, we will discuss the purpose, history, types, materials, and legality of body armor, as well as how to choose the right body armor and its benefits and drawbacks. What Is Body Armor Body[…]

The Importance of IFAK Pouches in Gun Safety

If you like tactical gear and shooting there’s a good chance that, like most of us, you have made large investments in your equipment. Looking back, I don’t even want to know the dollar amount between ammo, gear, and equipment I have invested. Talking to many people about tactical gear, I noticed one vital area[…]

Tactical Survival Gear: Basic Essentials Part 1

Tactical survival gear is essential for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, and those who want to be prepared for emergency situations or natural disasters.  Survival tools and supplies are designed to ensure personal safety, increase self-reliance, and ultimately help individuals navigate through unpredictable circumstances. This Tactical Survival Gear Basic Essentials Part 1 article is designed[…]