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What Is Body Armor and Why Do You Need It

Body armor has been used for centuries to protect individuals from various threats, such as knives, arrows, and bullets. In this article, we will discuss the purpose, history, types, materials, and legality of body armor, as well as how to choose the right body armor and its benefits and drawbacks. What Is Body Armor Body[…]

The Importance of IFAK Pouches in Gun Safety

If you like tactical gear and shooting there’s a good chance that, like most of us, you have made large investments in your equipment. Looking back, I don’t even want to know the dollar amount between ammo, gear, and equipment I have invested. Talking to many people about tactical gear, I noticed one vital area[…]

Tactical Survival Gear: Basic Essentials Part 1

Tactical survival gear is essential for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, and those who want to be prepared for emergency situations or natural disasters.  Survival tools and supplies are designed to ensure personal safety, increase self-reliance, and ultimately help individuals navigate through unpredictable circumstances. This Tactical Survival Gear Basic Essentials Part 1 article is designed[…]

Washington State “Assault Weapons Ban” Passes the Senate

In a move aimed at lowering gun violence the Washington State Senate recently passed HB1240 banning the sale, manufacturing, and distribution of “Assault weapons.”  This piece of legislation has been met with support and opposition as the debate on gun control continues to be a contentious issue in the United States.  In 2022 the Supreme[…]

STOCKTON PEOPLE! Come see us at the gun show, will ya?

We are sending our crew out again! This weekend, Tacticon will be in Stockton Gun Show! If you don’t have anything planned, here is a good plan for you! And if you live nearby, I mean, why not? Date and Time May 14th (Saturday) 9:00am – 4:00pm May 15th (Sunday) 9:00am – 3:00pm Location Address:[…]

HIRING! Mid-tier Influencers wanted now at Tacticon!

mid-tier influencer wanted

Influencers wanted! Are you an influencer with a following of 5K+, who actively posts and receives a competitive engagement rate? You might be perfect for us! Tacticon is currently looking for influencers who have a passion for tactical shooting, self-defense, or other related activity. If you fit the profile, email me now! Tacticon Armament is[…]