Quality is our Priority

One of the controversial ideas about steel plate armor is “not all steel is created equal”. The idea is, all steel from the mill is not created the same way which produces inconsistencies when you shoot it. 

Our ultimate concern is creating a quality product that will protect you from the potential threat 100% of the time; not 99%. We are addressing this by taking a cut steel plate armor cut out from each master sheet, and shooting it. 

What is a master sheet?

A master sheet is typically a 96″ x 288″ plate of steel that the steel armor is cut from. Each master sheet has a Spec Sheet that accompanies it. 

For each master sheet, we designate a “Batch #”. This Batch # will showcase the same master sheet your steel body armor was cut from. 

Batch #

BATCH #: 2006MV3P1

BATCH #: 2007BR3P1