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How I Fell in Love With the Battle Vest V2

When I was shopping for my first plate carrier, years before working at Tacticon Armament, I had a hard time.  Not only were there so many options and such a large price range, but so many plate carriers were basic and had very few features themselves.  I was searching for, and eventually found, a lightweight[…]

What is Eye Relief on a Scope

Have you ever used someone else’s rifle and found the scope is shadowy, lacks clear view, or difficult to get into a good position of clarity? Optics are great because they allow users to make more precise shots, have tighter groupings, and give positive target identification at longer ranges. Any magnified optic, including binoculars, have[…]

PALS vs MOLLE: The Difference and How to Use MOLLE

When it comes to tactical gear attachment, one often comes across terms like PALS and MOLLE. Though these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they refer to distinct components of tactical load-bearing systems. In this article, we will explore the differences between PALS vs MOLLE, and how these systems work together to provide a versatile and[…]

M-LOK to Picatinny Adaptor: Enhancing Compatibility and Expanding Accessory Options

Have you ever been online shopping and saw some must have attachment you immediately pulled out your credit card for? You eagerly watched the tracking number throughout the day and see that your package was delivered. You rush home tear open the box and you’re about to mount it on your rifle when you realize…[…]

What Is Body Armor and Why Do You Need It

Body armor has been used for centuries to protect individuals from various threats, such as knives, arrows, and bullets. In this article, we will discuss the purpose, history, types, materials, and legality of body armor, as well as how to choose the right body armor and its benefits and drawbacks. What Is Body Armor Body[…]

Stubby Foregrip: Tacticon Battle Grip 11 Overview

The advent of the quad rail for the AR platform revolutionized the market for accessories and made the AR platform the most popular, modular, and customizable rifle on the market. Prior to quad rails we had the M16 style handguards, and accessories were uncommon. Foregrips are one of the most common rail accessories after optics and[…]

The Importance of IFAK Pouches in Gun Safety

If you like tactical gear and shooting there’s a good chance that, like most of us, you have made large investments in your equipment. Looking back, I don’t even want to know the dollar amount between ammo, gear, and equipment I have invested. Talking to many people about tactical gear, I noticed one vital area[…]

Plate Carrier Mag Pouches

Plate carriers are starting point of our tactical gear set up. Once we have our carrier, we purchase plates and accessories to mount to our carriers. At the top of almost every accessory wish list is plate carrier magazine pouches. Plate carrier mag pouches are designed to securely hold your magazines and provide easy access[…]

Southpaw Shooters: Left Handed Conceal Carry Holsters

In the world of firearms, left-handed users often face challenges when it comes to finding the right gear. Among these challenges is finding a quality left-handed concealed carry holster. A good holster must be comfortable, functional, and accessible, ensuring that left-handed shooters can effectively and safely carry their firearms. In this article, we will explore[…]

Why a Universal Drop Leg Holster is a Must-Have

If you’re a gun enthusiast or a professional who needs to carry a firearm, you know that having the right holster can make all the difference. When it comes to quick and easy access to your sidearm, drop leg holsters are a popular choice. Worn on the outer thigh, they provide a comfortable fit and[…]