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 How Does a Rifle Scope Work?

Rifle scopes can be either a significant upgrade or huge detractor for shooters depending on their situation, rifle setup, and scope. When it comes to hunting this can mean the difference between filling your tag, or going home empty handed. In a tactical situation though, it can be life or death. Whatever type of shooting[…]

Handgun 21 Age Restriction Ruled Unconstitutional: Brown v ATF

A pivotal decision has been made in favor of Second Amendment rights by a federal judge in West Virginia. This ruling marks a significant milestone in the ongoing debate over gun rights in the United States, particularly concerning the legal age for handgun purchases. Throughout the country, those under 21 years of age have been[…]

Laser Boresight Essentials

When it comes to any style of shooting precision is key. Whether you’re an experienced marksman or a novice refining your skills, consistently hitting your target with pinpoint accuracy is important. This is where laser boresighters, often referred to as laser boresights, can help you achieve an initial zero. Laser boresights are a tools that[…]

Why and How to Sight in a Rifle at 25 Yards

Sighting in a rifle is the first step in making sure your point of impact matches your point of aim. Properly sighted rifle optics achieve consistent and accurate shots. This is of even greater importance when distances vary and increase. In this article, we will discuss the process of how to sight in a rifle[…]

How to Sight in a Rifle Scope at 100 Yards

In shooting accuracy is a skill almost all shooters want, but like many aspects of the sport can be very difficult to master. Learning how to sight in a rifle scope for 100 yards is a foundational step to ensure consistent and accurate shots. This guide offers a straightforward approach to aligning your scope effectively.[…]

How To Choose The Perfect .308 Scope

The .308 (3-0-hate) Winchester is a powerhouse caliber with a storied past and a broad application spectrum. It first emerged in the 1950s and was immediately adopted by the U.S. military as the 7.62x51mm NATO. It became a quintessential caliber for various platforms from the M14, to the M24 Sniper Weapon System, the 240 Bravo,[…]

How To Choose The Perfect AR-15 Rifle Scope

The AR-15 rifle is a lightweight, gas-operated, and magazine-fed firearm that has established itself as one of the most popular rifles worldwide. Right alongside the popular firearm is generally some sort of AR15 scope or optic, which allows the AR15 to be a jack of all trades and master of many. At this point its[…]