Tacticon Armament is a combat veteran owned company that believes in outfitting both men and women with comfortable, effective and combat ready tactical gear. Our catalog is a curated combination of original patented products and tactical gear enhanced to include features requested from our customers. We hope you enjoy all the effort we put forth to improve upon our products, our service and ourselves.


Tacticon Armament Owner

Jacob Dines
CEO / Founder

Started the business with a vision to outfit men and women with high quality, effective, affordable, and combat ready tactical gear. Father of two beautiful girls, husband of an amazing woman, and combat veteran of the U.S. Army, 173D Airborne Brigade. Hooah!

Joan Purser Tacticon Armament Accountant

Joan Purser

With a background in bookkeeping for small businesses to NPO’s, Joan keeps Tacticon Armament compliant so we can focus on guns…. not balance sheets and P&L’s. With a last name like “PURSE-R” it’s hard to imagine she wouldn’t be skilled with money!

Bryce Meeks Tacticon Armament Shop Manager

bryce meeks
jake's lil' helper

Wondering why he’s “Jake’s Lil’ Helper?” It’s because Jake (owner’s) 4-year old daughter called him that one day when she spent a day at the office. And it stuck.  There is organized. There is efficient. However, if organization had a lovechild with efficiency then his name would be Bryce.  His formal title is “Shop Manager.”

Casey Crittenden
Manufacturing Specialist & Reigning Hide and seek champion

If he’s not making the paint peel in the bathroom after his morning coffee or playing hide and seek with Bryce, Casey is kicking ass and taking proverbial names in our holster manufacturing facility. He takes maintains a level of quality that only the 2nd Amendment Gods would approve of. He loves Tacticon Armament more than his own wife and for that we thank him.  Glock is his firearm of choice.  He’s constantly reminding us how amazing, smart, clever, funny, witty, and good looking his boss Jake is.  

Danny Sue Tacticon Armament Product Photographer Social Media Manager

danny sue
social media manager, photographer, CNC Machinist, chef, screen printer, company therapist, engineer

How many hats does Danny wear? All of them. He’s constantly being pushed and pulled from one gig to another. The second he settles in to do some product photography we’re dragging him over to the CNC for some prototyping but not before we ask him to cook us all lunch while he is designing a new product catalog all of which is happening as an employee vents to him about the Office Drama Du Jour.

brian beller
ppc & advertising guru

Brian is a seasoned veteran of Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Affiliate Marketing.He’s got a fever, and the only way to cure it is more e-commerce. He puts his pants on the same way as you do every morning (one leg at a time).The difference is… once his pants are on… he brings our AOV and Conversion Rate to record highs.