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The Evolution and Purpose of Tactical Battle Belts

Alright, you have your plate carrier, ballistic helmet, backpack, tricked out rifle, you’re good to go, right? Before we head down back to the basement for more larping you’re forgetting another important piece of gear, a battle belt. Battle belts are designed to seamlessly integrate with other tools to provide quick access and organization. Tactical[…]

Crafting Defense & Exploring How Body Armor is Made

Body armor has saved many lives and prevented countless tragedies over the course of its use. Simple plate armor worn by knights in the Middle Ages involved a complex process of metallurgy and was then heated and hammered into shape. Today’s processes for making modern armor can be somewhat mysterious, with proprietary manufacturing, ITAR regulations,[…]

California Magazine Ban Overturned a Second Time

You have likely heard the news that the Hon. Judge Benitez (Termed Saint Benitez by many) has once again ruled that the California law limiting magazine capacity unconstitutional. What makes this decision even more interesting is the timeline and history of how we got to Friday’s new decision. Let’s get into what led up to[…]

What Body Armor Weight Is Right For Me?

When it comes to selecting body armor many factors need to be considered to ensure it meets your unique safety needs. The protection level, durability, and fit of the armor are among the most crucial considerations. However, one aspect that gets overlooked from time to time, but plays a significant role in the selection process[…]

The Rise of Bulletproof Backpack Armor Inserts

Protective equipment is becoming quite sought after and commonplace in everyday life. Haven’t seen it yourself? That may be because outside of “Bulletproof vests” the most commonly worn piece of body armor is bulletproof backpack body armor inserts. Backpack armor plates are hands down the most discreet way of having body armor on your person.[…]

NIJ FIT Tests for Body Armor: Ensuring Safety Standards

In the realm of personal protection trust in your equipment isn’t just essential—it’s a matter of life and death. For those who rely on body armor, from law enforcement, security, and the ordinary citizen, understanding the certification behind their gear is important. Central to this trust is the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), an establishment[…]