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Bulletproof Vest vs. Body Armor: Understanding the Differences

When it comes to safety equipment terms like ‘body armor,’ ‘bulletproof vest,’ and ‘bulletproof armor’ are often used interchangeably. However, while these terms are related, they do not mean the same thing. It’s important to understand the differences and what each piece of equipment is designed to do to ensure you’re adequately protected in dangerous[…]

What is a Tourniquet and How Do You Use One?

Recently we discussed the importance of IFAK pouches, their contents, and why you should consider one. Today we are talking purely about tourniquets. Tourniquets are a shockingly simple, yet life saving tool designed to stop arterial and other severe bleeding. Imagine you come upon a severe car accident while traveling a rural road, hiking in[…]

Steel vs Brass Ammo: Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing range ammunition for your firearm the debate between brass vs steel ammo often comes up. Both ammunition types have their unique advantages and disadvantages making it important to understand the differences in order to make an informed decision.  In this article we will compare brass vs steel ammo, examining factors[…]

What is the NIJ? Benefits and Certifications

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is the research, development, and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice. Their purpose is to advance the knowledge of crime and justice in the United States by focusing on science and research. The NIJ was established in 1968 and has continued to put out vast reports and[…]

Understanding Stab, Spike, and Edge Blade Resistant Armor

In a world that sometimes requires us to take extra measures to ensure our safety protective gear has become increasingly important. Among these protective measures body armor plays a crucial role in offering protection against a range of threats. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of stab-resistant armor (aka stab proof vest) exploring[…]

Benefits of Steel Body Armor: Why It’s Still Relevant

The threats humans face in combat have evolved drastically over the course of human history. With the evolution of threats has come the evolution of how to counter them but at a slower rate of course. So why are we still using steel body armor for ballistic threats all these years later? Let’s get into[…]

Concealable Body Armor vs Tactical Body Armor

Body armor is a crucial component in personal protection, and is used extensively in various sectors, including law enforcement, military, and civilians. Depending on the situation armor can either be worn as concealed body armor or tactical body armor. This article will delve into these two types, comparing their features, benefits, and typical applications. Concealable[…]

Explore The Different Types of Hard Body Armor

Types of Hard Body Armor

Body armor has become an essential piece of equipment for military, law enforcement, and civilians who want protection. This article is about hard body armor. This article discusses hard body armor. It will cover its properties and compare it to soft body armor. Additionally, it will examine various types of hard body armor plates. Lastly,[…]

Breaking Down the Different Types of Soft Body Armor

Types of Soft Body Armor

Breaking Down the Different Types of Soft Body Armor In an increasingly unpredictable world safety is of paramount importance. For many, this means turning to personal protective equipment, in particular body armor. Body armor in many forms provides critical protection for law enforcement officers, military, security, and citizens in a variety of situations. This article[…]

Breaking Down Bulletproof vs Bullet Resistant

Steel Body Armor Plate

The terms ‘bulletproof’ and ‘bullet-resistant’ are often used interchangeably when discussing body armor. However, it’s important to understand the distinction between bulletproof vs bullet resistant and their implications in the field of personal protection. While no material can be considered truly ‘bulletproof’ against all types of ammunition and velocities, the term ‘bullet-resistant’ accurately describes materials[…]