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Understanding Spall vs Fragmentation

Steel armor is a widely used and cost-effective form of body armor, however some users are not aware of the danger from bullet spalling and fragmentation, or the difference between the two. When steel body armor is struck by projectiles it produces two potentially dangerous effects, spall and fragmentation. We will explore the differences between[…]

How to Adjust a Rifle Scope

A well adjusted rifle scope is prerequisite for accurate shooting whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a beginner. Adjusting a rifle scope is a simple process, but small mistakes are easy to make, especially if the process is rushed. These small mistakes can be the difference between a successful hunting trip or going home empty[…]

Are Bulletproof Body Armor Packages Worth The Investment?

Body armor for personal protection has not only been a staple for law enforcement and the military, but civilians as well. However, choosing the right combination of body armor components can be a challenging task. This is where complete body armor packages come into play, offering a convenient and usually cost-effective solution. Let’s discuss the[…]

Comprehensive Guide to Body Armor Levels

Body Armor is a symbol of protection from knights, to Spartans, to the modern war fighters.  Whatever the threat of the time, there has been armor to counter the threat. In modern times we stand a greater risk of ballistic threats than swords or arrows.  There are different types of body armor and different levels[…]

History and Benefits of Level 3+ Ceramic Plates

Today we know body armor as light and flexible pressed materials that make up a bulletproof vest, or hard rifle plates designed to protect soldiers on the battlefield. Body armor has undergone dramatic improvements over the last 60 years to bring us the advanced armor now easily accessible to civilians. Many civilians and law enforcement[…]

How to Zero a Red Dot at Home

Zeroing your new red dot sight is the fundamental first step for accurate shooting. Zeroing, especially final zeroing, must be done at the range and preferably with the specific ammo you plan on using with the firearm. However, sometimes you need to get a rough zero at home first before heading to the range. There are[…]

Truth Behind Bullet Fragmentation and Body Armor

Body armor has come a long way since its inception. Among the various types of body armor steel plates stand out for their durability and cost effectiveness. However, there are some common misconceptions surrounding the dangers of bullet fragmentation and spall when using steel body armor. We are going to get into the origin of[…]

Red Dot vs Holographic Sights

There are pretty much unlimited options when it comes to choosing an optic for your firearm from iron sights, the old school 3×9 scope, LPVOs, etc. Two of the most common, holographic sights and red dot sights, are sometimes confused despite their differences and unique qualities. While they may seem similar at first, they are[…]

Level IV Body Armor: Materials, Standards, and Legality

Body armor is designed to provide protection against various ballistic threats. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has established a rating system to categorize body armor according to its level of protection. Level IV body armor is the highest rating NIJ gives, meaning it stops the strongest ballistic threats.  Let’s discuss the materials used in[…]