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How To Install 45 Degree Iron Sights in 3 Steps?

How to install 45 degree iron sights

You have a Magnifier and a red dot sight on your rifle, and you heard some awesome things about 45-degree iron sights. Yep, it is great to have them on your rifle as a backup sight! Today, we will talk about the advantage of having them and how to install 45-degree iron sights. Why do[…]

Body Armor System: The Most Reliable Protection For Shooters

Body Armor System

One of our top sellers: Body Armor System. This product includes 1 plates carrier and 2 frag mitigation coating plates. In this article, we will show you our production and the honest reviews from our customers! When it comes to body armor plates, we don’t compromise. The most important job for a body armor plate[…]

Shooting 101: How To Adjust Iron Sights

How to adjust iron sights

Compared to red dot sights, iron sights are designed as a physical alignment system utilizing the naked eye. It is a device that operates well under ambient lighting, and it is also a device that won’t fail you for battery/electrical issues, because it doesn’t need batteries! We currently use iron sights as our backup sights[…]

Which one is better: Reflex sight vs. Red dot sight

Reflex vs. Red Dot

If you are curious about reflex sight vs. red dot sight, which one should you go for, you came to the right place! In this article, we will explain the differences between reflex sight vs. red dot sight, and you can make the call on which one suits you better! Are you ready? Here we[…]

HIRING! Mid-tier Influencers wanted now at Tacticon!

mid-tier influencer wanted

Influencers wanted! Are you an influencer with a following of 5K+, who actively posts and receives a competitive engagement rate? You might be perfect for us! Tacticon is currently looking for influencers who have a passion for tactical shooting, self-defense, or other related activity. If you fit the profile, email me now! Tacticon Armament is[…]

4 Reasons To Get A Red Dot Sight For Shotgun Now!

4 reasons to get a red dot for shotguns

Having a red dot sight for shot gun can benefit the shooter in multiple ways, if you are still hesitating whether you should purchase a red dot for your shotgun, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will provide 4 solid reasons to get a red dot sight for shotgun, check[…]

How to choose? Red Dot vs. Iron Sights

5 aspects of differences between red dot and iron sight

When you buy a rifle, the next question you might have is how to choose between the two sights – red dot vs. iron sights. Honestly, the best way is to have both, but if you have budget concerns, or you prefer to only have 1 sight on your rifle, then these 5 differences you[…]